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Jul '11

Full Day.

A very full day today that started with the City of Seattle showing up for the initial weatherization appointment — FOUR HOURS LONG. It seems that my neighborhood and income bracket qualify me for free weatherization. The four hours was spent pressurizing the house and looking for leaks, testing for carbon monoxide (and mounting a free detector), and figuring out of the walls are insulated. The findings and the cure:

  • Insulate the walls
  • Insulate under the floor
  • Add another 10″ to insulation to the ceiling (except for a 50 sq. ft. storage area)
  • More attic vents
  • Seal all the gaps in the registers
  • Insulate the pipes in the crawlspace
  • Put down additional vapor barrier in crawlspace
  • Install bathroom fan.

Not a bad list of freebies, and it should be done in the next couple of months, just in time for winter, assuming summer ever comes and stays.

Here’s a surreal shot of him pressure testing my house:

Next up on the agenda was dropping off an opera ticket (Porgy and Bess) to Wonderful, the Acer Netbook to Graf to see if he can get the operating system to load, and then off to dinner with the Jims to talk shop, wine shop that is.

Jimmy did a nice dinner of BBQ’d chicken, great salad, garlic bread ¯ and the other Jim brought three different bottles of his 2007 SodoVino wines (he is a commercial winemaker).

And then it was back home to work on the damn photo directory.


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