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Jul '11

The BOX, Day Two.

And Dinner With Graf.

Back into the wood shop today. The goal? Glue the slabs of the box today, and then recut the ends because you are designing on the fly.

More brown snot. Really. I should use a breathing apparatus or put in a dust collection system. And even when I move the car out of the garage it still seems like there is dust everywhere.

Why didn’t I take any pictures! All this because I’m going camping with the faeries starting Wednesday and want to take one of the talisman for circle.

Well, I do have a great picture of one of the steaks that Graf and I plowed into:

And for some reason my card reader won’t load my card, so in a day or so there might be a picture here.

The wonderful thing about having dinner with Graf is that he gets off work at 4pm, which means he shows up at 4:30 just in time for the start of cocktail hour. Fresh bread, salad, and those massive steaks. Life can’t get better.

Now if I could get all the cedar dust out of my lungs.


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And Dinner With Graf.

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