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Aug '11

The Box That Keeps Demanding.

It’s a good thing the gathering isn’t for two weeks yet as the box is demanding more and more attention. Today it was the clasps to keep the lid on:

Tomorrow it’s the start of the walnut trip around the bottom, or maybe I’ll just get some more brass hardware for the corners, or maybe both.

I funny thing happened today. I applied for a job that while I would gladly do, I don’t think I have a chance in the world of getting, especially after they tweeted about it and got so much action that it crashed their on-line job site. The company? Alaska Airline The job? Flight attendant. Who better knows how customers want to be treated.

So that’s today’s short post. Just a quiet evening at home with a seafood salad as the main dinner.



2 Responses to “The Box That Keeps Demanding.”

  1. Susan Stephen Says:

    Love the bed.

  2. markso Says:

    Solid walnut, though when I’m done working on it the numbers will change to 99% walnut, 1% bondo (to replace a gap where a bolt got ripped out).