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Aug '11

Paperwork And More Projects.

Work, work, work, meet, meet, meet, bank, bank, bank.

We hit the bank at the wrong time. Three people in front of us. That hour I put in the meter (meter said $2.00 an hour, but charged $3.75 an hour — city budget cuts for new signage).

Two hours later we are out of the bank with:

  • Business checking account
  • Matching debit cards
  • $10,000 line of credit (apparently we both have VERY good credit)
  • Checks
  • Deposit slips
  • And a personal banker

And after all that, after five a bed shows up, yet another project:

The lower frame has been rebuilt, but I have to do the side rails, steel wool and redo the finish on the bed before I swap it out for the “surfer bed” that currently occupies my bedroom.

It’s a solid walnut bed that used to be in my Capital Hill house years ago. I miss it. And it a more appropriate size for my current bedroom.

A repeat of last night’s dinner tonight.

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