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Aug '11

Printing Hell.

In preparation for the directory party on Sunday I’m printing all the directories… well, I thought I was. Managed to blow through a full black toner cartridge on the monster black and white printer. Actually it would be the tail end of one, and another full one.

And trying to print it on the color printer, the pictures are coming out too dark, and now red streaks are appearing. Guess I’ll be waiting until early next week to print the last 40 or 50 directories. Damn.

But I did get all the envelopes printed … complete with name and cabin number. These will be stuffed with the directory and a couple of bamboo towelettes (and a campground map for those camping).

A little more logo work but I’m punting that one to see if there are more ideas out there. But we need at least a temporary logo so I can whip out some business cards for a wholesaler’s only wine tasting next Wednesday (and another one on Monday the 15th). I guess there are some perks to starting a business.

Amazing where an entire day goes.


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