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Aug '11

Fold It, Collate It, Stitch It, Stick It, Repeat.

Before I get to today’s workaholic post, here is a picture from yesterday when Jeffey stopped by:

With both of our toys out in front of the house. His is a little more expensive than mine:

And now back to the little afternoon party to fold, gather, stitch, stick and stuff.

Sorry it’s a little blurry, I was too by the time we were at this point. Dancing Bear showed up at 2:30, J.Steve and Brian about 6 and it was all done before a steak dinner for those still around. We had two people cancel on us, but not a big deal.

And now I just need to print the last 25 directories when the new black toner cartridge arrives on Tuesday, and then I’m done with 99.9% of all the work dealing with the gathering.


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