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Aug '11

Yet Another Business Card.

Yet another business card for my wallet:

Check out the website place holder at http://www.madronawinemerchants.com and click on the FaceBook like button so we can get a shorter URL for links. We need 25 unique likes! The logo still isn’t final for the vinyl (for the storefront), but since we have two wholesale wine tastings schedule over the next week plus, we need something to hand-out. And if you look closely, the 708 area code phone number could also be 708-FAT-VINO. Took me a while to find a seven letter phrase on Google Voice, and in the end, FAT-VINO just seems like too far out for the business card.

Tomorrow it’s off to inspect the space and work on the to-do list to get the place whipped into shape. I guess it’s a good thing than my billable hours are down so I have time for this project. NOT. And with the market. YIKES. Take deep calming breaths, or is that the pants of hyperventilation.

Chef’s salad for dinner. Why is it that that is never enough.


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