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Aug '11

Meetings And Packages.

Well, we finally got into the space that the wine shop is going into. Wow. Stacked floor to ceiling with “stuff”. One the upside, there is more storage room than we expected in the bathroom, which means room for the dishwasher in there as well.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to clear out the mess so we can get in and sanitize.

After that adventure and a little fooling around with a rosè and the latest logo version it was off to the apartment to pick up three printer cartridges, the most important being the black one for the 4100 so I can finish printing, folding, and stuffing the directory.

Here are my merry little hands at work:

Too bad Dancing Bear won’t be by until Sunday to relieve me of all the boxes of gathering stuff that are starting to pile up.



2 Responses to “Meetings And Packages.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    Tell me about that stapler!

  2. markso Says:

    It’s an electric stapler that I got from my buddy Graf when he was getting rid of all his printing equipment. It will handle up to an 11×17 saddle stich and uses standard staples. I end of using it once or twice a year and still love it. Much nicer (but not as beefy) and my foot powered one (that would go through 1/2″ of paper), but it took special staples and was about 8 times the size of this one (maybe 10 times).