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Aug '11

Garage In The Day, Kitchen In The Night.

Spent most of the afternoon buried in the garage — organizing, sorting, re-boxing, de-boxing (must have broken down 30 shipping boxes) all in an effort to get ready to build wine racks upon my return from the gathering next week.

Unfortunately, there is still probably another afternoon of work to be done.

By the evening it was time to start work sewing a travel bag to hold:

  • The propane coffee maker
  • Can of propane
  • Regulator knob
  • Filters
  • Coffee
  • Insulated coffee mug

Here is a shot of me swing the bottom piece, which actually has an 1/8th inch piece of plastic sewn into it:

While I was in the middle of this, Wonderful and Ron (from Lopez) came by on their way to dinner (passed them a $10 off coupon). I haven’t seen Ron since I left the island, so that’s at least 3 years. He filled me in on the folks who bought my house and why they are selling. Answer: love the place, not enough light. He also told me that the husband of the husband/wife team is a master building and did most of the work himself, which means that he won’t be taking a bath on the place (actually, the place only has a shower).

Somehow I forgot to eat dinnerĀ — good thing I had a big afternoon lunchy type thing.


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