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Aug '11

Slowly Catching Up.

300 plus emails later, the inbox is mostly cleaned up just in time for company arriving tonight. Speaking of emails in my inbox, this one labeled “honourary canuck”:

It being Monday, it must be a wine tasting. Not sure why these happen on Monday’s but 40+ swirl, sips, dumps later, I need a serious drink rather than that damn French grape product. Southwest, Loire, Burgundy, Southern and Northern Rhone — Jimmie’s method is start with the whites running from region to region, then the rosè, then the reds, and finally the dessert wines. I have heard others say they like to alternate whites and reds within a region and then have a cracker or cheese between. Time to get a clipboard to keep in my briefcase.

Swung by the apartment to pick up the new wine shop computer, some stuff for hummingbird, and a copy of Quick Books, also for the shop.

Luckily my house guest, H2O Blanco, or maybe it’s Aqua Blanco, or maybe just Whitewater suffered the same traffic hell as I did yesterday. For Hummingbird and BamBam it was even worse on Sunday with an 11-hour trip that should have taken 8. He got to the house around 6:30 which actually gave me a little time to clean up the place for his three day visit.

Dinner was pan-fried lamb lollichops, with asparagus heads thrown in at the last minute. Yum. Add a salad, wine and conversation and voilè, it’s dinner.

After dinner amusement was AquaBlanco checking out my sauna heater (which he thinks works, but until their is power, not final) and having a cocktail above the house in the rain. Good thing I bought that market umbrella.

[219.2 Looks like I didn’t gain any weight on the road!]

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  1. Marybeth Says:

    I Love this photo!