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Aug '11

Drill Baby Drill.

Then Route Baby Route.

Met up with Jimmy at the apartment where I picked up the store copy of Windows 2010, some groceries, and Jimmy. I shaved about an hour off his commute from the Madison Valley to South Park.

Today’s chores for Jimmy, drill baby, drill. Many 1″ wide holes through ¾” plywood. Not an easy task at 16 holes completely through 17 shelves, 16 partial wholes through another bunch of shelves. That a whole lot of shoulder action.

While Jimmy made big holes, I made 1/8th inch holes, lots of them but which much less effort using the flexible drill shaft attached to the old Kirby Home Butler unit. I finished drilling all the holes on the uprights and crossbars, and I have to say that I felt like an Elf in an IKEA workshop.

Next chore was to main (jet another) jig route the edges of the middle shelves. The top shelf will have a cap, and the bottom shelf will be covered by the wooden wine crates.

Between yesterday and today we kicked out the rest of the components to make about 60+ feet of the racking which will be about 5′ tall around the outer walls of the shop.


My friend MB came by with her daughter just as we were finishing and moving onto cocktails. 30 minutes or so later, her laptop (actually, now the daughters laptop) is all fixed (again) and ready for action.

The plan for Jimmy to stay for dinner (if Dancing Bear showed up with a ride back to the city) or dinner at Shilla (Korean) if DB didn’t changed to just headed home on the bus since we finished early. What we have left is mostly sanding which I am waiting for my Kirby Sander Accessory to show up before I start that task.

DB did show up for dinner. It was a quick change from lamb chops to veal chops as it seems someone doesn’t like lamb. It is now in his contact information in Outlook — who knew, well, he says he told me in the past, but who knows.

I don’t know why it was a late night for me, but it was.


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Then Route Baby Route.

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