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Sep '11

CaddyDaddy Dinner.

Another day in the shop, another batch of dust followed by sealing both sides of the champagne shelves, and making a trough to dip the uprights a drying rack to hold them. Will this lumber ever end!

I’m thinking (about Waikiki) that I can actually make due with just my roll-on computer case. The temperature in Bellingham is supposed to be nice, and we know Waikiki is. I’m thinking the computer, the accessories, toiletries and a couple of rolled up shirts. Just the flip flops and the shorts that I’ll be wearing. Oh, and a sun hat. Getting excited. It seems like months since I’ve been on an airplane.

CaddyDaddy showed up around 3 to return my carpet cleaner and wireless router, and stay for a lovely pork chop dinner. He actually has tomorrow off from work so the guest bedroom is full tonight.

To bed way too late.


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