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Sep '11

Sticks And Errands.

More sticks to sand and seal, but by the end of the day (interrupted by driving around town during a Huskies, Mariners and Sounders game) all the cross pieces were on the drying rack with all sides completed.

Remaining — the wine bottle dividers, these multitude of ½” x ½” sticks. Not sure how I’m going to seal those, but they will be in gloss because I’m out of matt finish.

I did stumble across an educational (for me) item on Slate’s website:

Cold Shower: How to spit with the wine pros.

Spit or swallow? For wine aficionados, the choice is usually dictated by circumstance: At meals you swallow, at tastings you spit (unless the wines being tasted are liquid gold; it would be criminal to cough up even a drop of the 1989 Haut-Brion, for instance). But as with so many other wine-related rituals, spitting is no simple matter. Proper technique and correct form count for a lot more than you might think in wine circles.

Full article here.

Of course, what I’ve noticed is that you just don’t get any respect at trade wine tastings if you don’t spit — dumping isn’t good enough.

Time to work on my skill set, but not with tonight’s table wine.


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One Response to “Sticks And Errands.”

  1. Jill Says:

    yes, if you spit my 89 haut-brion i would kill you, personally 😉