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Sep '11

Another Day, Another Cabinet.

That may be the motto for this week: Another Day, Another Cabinet.

At the end of a short day (Jimmy has dinner company coming) we have finished a third of the cash wrap (that place you put the cash register, computer, etc.)

This is the tall piece that will hold the computer and printer. We even have the chair hanging out in the picture to make sure the keyboard height is comfortable.

Had Jimmy and I paid more attention in high school to our geometry lessons, the first piece might have gone a little quicker. Only several recuts (and laying it out on the floor) to get it right. Tomorrow’s construction should go much easier. Cross your fingers.

Work all day, quiet dinner at home. This is starting to become an odd routine.


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One Response to “Another Day, Another Cabinet.”

  1. Ticker Says:

    Surely you mean ‘Another Day, Another Cabernet’?