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Sep '11

Construction In The Hood.

It’s not just wine racks and cabinets that are getting built in South Park. We are getting a bridge, too:

No yachts from upstream able to make it through while the barges are in place. Finally, some progress towards a new bridge (opening 2013).

But me, I spent my day cleaning up miscellaneous stuff that had accumulated from the week, and in the afternoon I finally got back out to the garage to finish nailing all the champagne racks:

That just leaves a little putty work, sanding, finish priming pieces, and then get the hell out of town for a couple of day. Speaking of out of town, I finally figured out how to get my last 5411 flight miles on Alaska Airlines to keep my MVP Gold status — fly to Miami and return on the same plane that took me. 5440 miles and one red-eye flight. It was the cheapest option (at $358). Other flights (Mexico City, Boston) would have required an addition one way trip (minimum of $150 probably).

As for dinner, a chicken breast and left-overs.


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