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Sep '11

Day Three On The High Seas.

As we start day three on the high seas, a final comment about last night’s dinner in the Empire Room… we both ordered the duck, but shortly after mine arrived the waiter showed up with an “extra” unordered lobster tail and shrimp main course — talk about a rich meal!

Tracked down the Friends of Dorothy, which for some reason they held at 10pm just as the bar that was hosting it was closing down. Odd. Several of us went to the late night adult comedy show, so we didn’t get back to the room until about 1:30, which is technically, today.

Here is a very trippy photo looking up in the atrium mid-ship. The ship was built in 2001, but it really looks like a throw-back to the 80’s.

More later, or not, about our last day at sea. And more…

Mick won a ship on a stick this afternoon for his trivia knowledge of advertising slogans:

Shown here with my 7th place metal on our towel elephant.

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