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Sep '11

Running Late, The Boat Is.

Before I get to the boat, I have to share that apparently I’m very popular with the ladies because of my Hairy Chest Competition. Apparently it’s been playing on a loop on one of the ships channels. Here is a bad copy off the TV:

Even after we were off the boat — in the restaurant at the Long Beach restaurant — women were stopping me with compliments. Too odd.

But back to the boat… it was due into San Pedro at 8am. By 10:15 we had finally docked and apparently the gangway was an ugly mess of people trying to get to the airport to catch flights. It make me VERY glad I booked the 3:15pm flight rather than the 1:15pm flight or we would have been in that mess. As it was, we were just in the cluster f of trying to get a cab with hundreds of other people.

Had a nice lunch at the airport sitting out on the deck looking at Loadmaster III’s and even an old DC-3 belonging to Catalina Flying Boats, Inc.(http://www.wikimapia.org/9408463/Catalina-Flying-Boats-Inc-Air-Freight-Service).

Smooth flight home but with a chatty seatmate which I could have done without. DancingBear and I sat across the aisle from each other in the exit row for the Canadian Regional Jet flight.

Luggage was out quick and we were off to the apartment on Light Rail (a first for DB). He headed straight home after I let him out of the parking lot. Me, I headed up to the apartment for a drink with Swanda and a package pickup, then it was on home to do the laundry and think about packing for the next trip.

[? ? ?, but should be interesting to see tomorrow’s weight after two cruises]

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