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Sep '11

Headed To The Lightning Field On My Birthday.

Early morning report, as I’ll be off the grid until late tomorrow as The Lightning Field is basically in the middle of nowhere, between Quemato and Pie City, New Mexico.

For those of you who want more information on The Lightning Field, here is the link to the New Yorker article that got me thinking about this visit:

A two-part blog post from a visitor here:

And finally, the long treatise from the art history perspective:

It’s a four-plus hour drive from Santa Fe to Quemado where the rumored cult-like van with the blacked out windows (hopefully I’m kidding about that) so I’d better get on the road.



2 Responses to “Headed To The Lightning Field On My Birthday.”

  1. Marybeth Says:

    Happy B’day Sweetie!

  2. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie, this just proves that no good comes from reading “The New Yorker”.