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Oct '11

Jill, Joe, and Shilla.

Four people spent the night in the condo… Joe, CaddyDaddy, SurfBetty, and, of course, me.

SurfBetty was up and out early, and the three of us packed up all the remaining food and booze and were out the door at 11:30. With no cooktop, that meant breakfast as back at the house rather than in the penthouse. You’d think they could have made the penthouses with a full kitchen. I can understand the rest of the rooms at the Camlin, but I guess they think that since you are in the big city that you won’t be cooking your meals.

The afternoon was spent unpacking, repacking, and generally cleaning up the place a bit. Nothing like multiple trips to leave you with stuff lying around everywhere.

Dinner tonight is via a Groupon Coupon for Shilla, a Japanese/Korean restaurant that I have long loved.

Sadly, the bloom is off the rose and all we are left with is thorns. It wasn’t that bad, but it’s under new ownership and management and things have gone downhill. The best example is our in-table grill wasn’t working and we were given a portable one which hogged most of the table. In the end it seemed like a lot of money for the quantity and quality of the experience.

And now we know why they have been offering Goupons.

This is Joe’s last night in town, back to work he goes.


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