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Oct '11

Dinner With Self.

Damn Fine Company.

Good news on the travel front. Got upgraded to First Class for the Tucson flight on Saturday. Not bulkhead aisle, but one can’t complain about a free upgrade.

Somehow the day just got away from me. Seems like I spent it all in front of the computer contemplating carrier route specific direct mail pieces for the store and trying to see if it made sense to target the better parts of our zip code and whether the $190 annual fee was worth a cheap 14.2 cent per piece saturation (i.e. every home on that carrier route) rate. Must mull it over more (and get postcard pricing, or figure out some way to print three thousand or so pieces on my equipment.

I was planning on putting this cute map I made of our zip code, but I can’t find it now on the server, and the post office site isn’t loading, so you’ll get that another day.

Can’t believe how a day just evaporates into the time-space continuum.

Steak, slaw, and white wine (Bonny Doon) for dinner tonight.



2 Responses to “Dinner With Self.

Damn Fine Company.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    check out Vistaprint for postcard printing and mailing
    1000 for < .16ea (less than ink & paper (your upoaded design)

    About .40 ea to mail to your list, .46 to their targeted list (at first class less if you go bulk (?)

    You would need to call for higher qty and negotiation on the mailing

  2. markso Says:

    yeah, and http://adcoprinting.com/ is $99 for 5000 cards (they are out of Florida so add freight). Still working through the numbers.