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Oct '11

Goodbye Tucson.

Good bye Tucson. Good bye lounging by the pool reading The New Yorker. Good by El Corral that I didn’t get to eat at this time:

This steakhouse is popular with the Tucson Gem Show folks in late January/early February, including my buddy Leo Starfucker Sunshine.

Joe was back at the house at 12:30 for lunch and a 1pm run to the airport. It’s a little early, but I thought I’d have lunch there and not totally screw up Joe’s workday.

Two odd things on the flight home. We left the gate 15 minutes BEFORE our scheduled departure time. That and a quick taxi, we actually arrived in Seattle on schedule even with a massive head wind (which is why the flight arrived from Seattle half-an-hour early).

A little snag getting Light Rail back to the apartment¬†— trains delayed due to an accident on the tracks. Got to the apartment a little after 8, did a little quick shopping for dinner tonight, and lettuce for the week, and spent the rest of the evening catching up on mail (e- and snail-).

Tomorrow brings me to the shop with mops, buckets, whatever. Apparently the floor is a disaster.

[215.0 but that’s Joe’s scale]

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