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Oct '11

Snakes With Their Heads Cut Off.

Oy what a day. By noon+ I was at the shop, and it was looking GOOD. Here is a shot of AFTER running the carpet/floor cleaner TWICE through the entire shop (bathroom excepted, for now).

All afternoon, wash, dump the container, wash, scrape paint stains (50% our 50% from twenty years ago), wash, dump, wash.

We pulled out a little before five to change for the BOOM (Business Owners Of Madrona) Mixer. Food by St. Cloud’s Restaurant, and half price/happy hour cocktails until the mixer was done. I passed on the invitation for a fish dinner with Jim and Suze, but it was time to go home with my stash from the shop remodel¬†— another KSU (Key Service Unit)¬†— that the landlords removed (badly) and passed along.

Badly? They cut the heads off the snakes… i.e. the Amphenol connections:

But free is free, and it had two desk sets, so at least I can figure out how to add a second line to my current KSU. And I got a ton of wire (now I just have to learn how to punch down connections).

Long day.


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One Response to “Snakes With Their Heads Cut Off.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Sometimes I just have to say WTF?