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Oct '11

Vinyl Up, Lamb Chops Down.

Another day of running around doing stuff for the shop:

  • Borrow truck (again)
  • Load dishwasher and cabinet in truck
  • Get stuck in traffic due to SR-520 closure
  • Drop off stuff at store
  • Return truck
  • Walk home
  • Make one more champagne rack leg
  • Get stuck in different traffic
  • Return to store
  • Work until 6:30

Whew! But the sign vinyl is up (thanks Rachel!)

Guess I should have taken a shot of the door as well. Oh well. And still no keys to the front door even though our lease started today.

Came home and started working on dinner:

Last but not least, finally figured out how to use a $99 companion fare that was about to expire. Rich and I are going to Hawaii for his birthday, and probably staying at Fort DeRussy, the military hotel right on the beach. Nice to travel with ex-military!


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