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Oct '11

Still Plugging Away.

Still plugging away at the remaining details for the shop, such as the 3×5 notecards and a way to mount them. The notecards will have the year, winery, wine, cepagè (what grapes and what percentages were used to make the wine), and a brief description of each of the over 300 different bottles of wine that Madrona Wine Merchants stocks at any given time. The mounting is the easy part, the data entry for the cards is the daunting part.

Milled the sample rail in the morning, went to the shop, installed it, then rewired the cash wrap for a wall phone and the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to easily get the Access Database of wine cards to print correctly on the Avery pop-out notecards. By the end of the day we had seven cards produced, but a fairly easy way to print individual cards rather than having to print the entire database. Tomorrow should see a much better output of wine cards.

Turned down an invitation to dinner with my business partner. After a long day with people the peace and quiet of a glass of whiskey followed by a glass of wine with dinner is too tempting to pass up.

Here is a recipe that I’m starting to work on, individual meat loaves (done is small spring-form pans):

This was all lamb (1 lb. for two patties) with an egg, spices, and ground hard cheese with more cheese added for the last five minutes. I’m thinking next time I’ll try ringing the pan with a piece of bacon. Doesn’t bacon make everything better?


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