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Nov '11

A Surprise Was Had.

Happy 85th Birthday Mom.

Woke up late, but that was OK as the three of us (Bro, Helene, Me) all slept in after our late night drive last night.

The hope for Michael’s Cafè for breakfast was dashed by the sign “will re-open Dec. 9th“. Damn. It’s a great place for breakfast. Through town and down the hill we wondered in search of the Taos Diner II for a sunning breakfast/lunch. I had the Eggs Benedict (not on my diet, but I skipped most of the home fries) with a Pomegranate Mimosa that came over ice in a pint-size glass — luckily the owner showed up because our waitress didn’t know how to make one (she does now).

Walking back to the WorldMark is difficult with Helene, “Look, more yarn!”, but we did stumble across the “Occupy Taos” movement, all four strong:

When we returned an hour later, the four had moved on — apparently it was a lunch time occupation.

Stunning weather today — sunny and warm, didn’t even need the jacket for the run to the store for supplies.

We were back and settled into one of the condos for the big reveal. I left a key at the front desk for my sis-in-law who was bringing my parents up from Santa Fe. Imagine when my mother walked in the the condo and found Helene, Bro, and her former business partner and family friend Mike sitting around chatting. THAT was a look of joy. Even my father had a twinkle in his eye from the experience.

Kennan and Alissa showed up around seven, just in time for things coming off the grill, not that any of us were starving with the poo poo platters having come out at four. For tonight we did grilled vegetables and bratwursts, a big salad and some artisan (albeit Albertsons) bread with some sort of red cupcakes for the birthday candles.

Did I get a group portrait? Oops. Hopefully tomorrow.

Parents retired early, Dad needed to stay up until nine to deal with his eye drops and last pill of the day (needing an empty stomach), and the rest of us (minus Alissa who also crashed) stayed up late into the evening chatting and catching up.

Happy 85th Birthday Mom.

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One Response to “A Surprise Was Had.

Happy 85th Birthday Mom.”

  1. Marybeth Says:

    Happy Birthday Mother Souder!