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Nov '11

Back To Santa Fe.

How to get five good sized adults back to Santa Fe when the car is a Subaru Forester and we are five good sized people. The answer, have two of us hitch a ride with my brother Jon headed to the airport and get out at the Santa Fe Opera exit and cram in the Forester for the last half an hour — that way Jon avoids having to swing through Santa Fe proper and can just take the nuclear by-pass highway (Santa Fe is a nuclear-free zone).

Spent the rest of the day getting my mother’s new birthday computer to actually recognize the files from the old machine (2/3 successful) and for it to actually be able to log-on via dial-up to MSN (yes, she is still on dial-up). The later only took two calls to voice automated technical support and one call to a real person who transferred me to someone who actually knew the answer. I finished up just in time to BBQ lamb and pork chops for dinner.

Dinner was another big affair — eight of us at the table. We pretty much finished the remains of all the food leftover from the trip to Taos.

After dinner it was more computer stuff — lots of disassembly of computers, two from Jennifer and Kennan and my mother’s old computer. Now I have a bag full of spare parts to replace the space that the computer took on the way down.

Of course, stayed up too late, but what’s new with that.

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One Response to “Back To Santa Fe.”

  1. Kate Gowins Says:

    I didn’t know Santa Fe was a “no nuc” zone, but I’ve lived around several (Berkley comes to mind…….) and I’ve always wondered whether the city fathers and mothers involved had thought to tell our potential enemies that……”Don’t be coming around here with your nuclear weapons……we don’t allow them.”
    I’m thinking they didn’t.

    Cheers from the People’s Republic of Vermont……..Eric and Kate