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Nov '11

Next Time, Allow More Time.

A whirlwind of activity today after the HomeWise guys showed up at 10:30. Houston, we have a problem. So the inspector did the pressure test readings on the house and they were HIGHER than before all the insulation work. They should be LOWER. All the work was done so the only thing he can figure out is that he wrote down the wrong number originally. Hugo (the contractor, not the inspector) had (and still has) a couple of last minute things to fix. Really what needs fixing is the single pane windows and the roof needs reroofing.

Checks to deposit, groceries to buy, booze for Swanda, packages to pick up, swing by the house, drop stuff off at the house, check email, back out the door to pick up corkscrews and bags at True Fabrication and swing them by the shop, then back to the apartment (for the third time today) for cocktails with Swanda before heading home for dinner. The original plan was that we were going to pick up stuff in Fremont and have dinner at a new Rib Truck having a “soft” opening. We were both too pooped, and I hadn’t packed yet.

And that was my evening. Eating and packing.

I should remember to plan at least a couple of days between trips so that I don’t spend an entire 24 hours trying to squeeze in everything.


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