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Nov '11

Alaska MVP Gold Down

United Premier To Go.

We were up, fed, and out of the house by 9am and off to the airport for my noon+ flight. I’d forgotten how much I dislike the Denver Airport security set-up. I was way too far into the line before I figured out where the priority lane. Oh well.

VERY full flight, no upgrade. I was in an exit row window. Leg room, but cold. Guess I should have originally booked 7C (one row behind bulkhead). Reminds me that I need to use my last upgrade coupon for one of my Oakland flights at the end of the month.

But with this flight I achieved Alaska MVP Gold status. When I go back to New Mexico in early December, that should put me over the tipping point for Premier status on United — not that I think I’ll fly them again with the changes in their Frequent Flyer program. It seems they are only allow Premiers to get Economy Plus seating DAY OF flight, rather than at time of ticketing — nice way to treat people who fly 25,000 flight miles a year.

By 2pm I was at the gate in Seattle, by 3:30 I was home— had to drop off some stuff at the apartment, and pick up other stuff.

3:30 back home, needing a nap.

Quiet evening with a salad and a couple of chicken breasts. Add a couple of loads of laundry and you have my day.


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United Premier To Go.

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