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Nov '11

Assemble Things Day.

Early morning with Jameson in the house. Up at seven and he was out of the house fed and a lunch packed by eight. At least he let me sleep until seven and woke me with coffee.

Out to the shop at ten to make the pieces for the shelves in the bathroom at the shop and get them into the car:

Next up was to assemble the new lawnmower that showed up last week:

It’s pretty, it’s green, and this one actually catches the grass. Nice to assemble something that is so intuitive that you barely consult the direction, but still have no leftover pieces.

Hugo the insulation guy is running seriously late for his 11am appointment to fix the last couple of things. I gave him an hour and then left for the shop and errands.

Got the shortage shelf installed just in time for our first “private wine tasting” with Events and Adventures:

Gotta run, that’s it for today.


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