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Nov '11

New Shoes For The Old Man.

It’s official, I’m now MVP Gold on Alaska Airlines for next year:

Mileage Plan Number: XXXXXXXX
Available Miles: 183,118

Elite Tier Status Qualification

YTD Alaska Miles

Flown:   40,232          34,768 Miles to MVP Gold 75K

YTD Alaska/Qualifying Partner* Miles

Flown:   40,232       49,768 Miles to MVP Gold 75K

YTD Alaska/Qualifying Partner* Segments

Flown:   24           66 Segments to MVP Gold 75K

* Air France, American, Delta, KLM, and LanChile

Not going to make it to MVP Gold 75K unfortunately with only one little trip to Berkeley planned on Alaska for the rest of the year.

But back to the shoes. Headed to the dentist at 11am for the thrice-yearly cleaning. Stopped by UW surplus on the way back across the bridge — the printer I didn’t buy two weeks ago was no longer there. Once I saw it posted on their site I knew it was a goner. So I bought shoes instead:

Nothing like a couple of pair of subtle shoes. Converse had a 25% off on custom shoes today only that will arrive by Christmas.

Dinner with Dancing Bear and Swanda, and talk of what we are doing for Turkey Day which at the end of the meal of steaks, pasta, and ensalada caprese still wasn’t resolved. Worse coming to it I can go to the Faerie Potluck Thanksgiving.


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  1. Riley Says:

    Thanks, this is groovy work.