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Nov '11

Busy Day At The Shop

Saturday’s are my light work days in some respects, heavy in others.

Not that many hours (1:45 to sometime after 4), but with 4-5 bottles of wine open, lots of traffic both in front of the counter and behind. The routine we’ve gotten into is Jim works the floor, the wine rep pours and does the song and dance, and I run the register.

Generally I’d say about twice as busy as last Saturday¬†— but the weather last Saturday truly sucked and today was at least dry and sunny (but cold).

And today’s silly gift:

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution 1465 Living Ant Habitat w/LED – Projects Giant Ant Shadows on the Ceiling!

If you fee the need, you can click on the link above and it will take you to a purchase page. I’m not sure exactly why you would want to project giant ants on your ceiling, but who knows.

Swung by Swanda’s place on a mercy booze delivery, and helped him drink some of his. Then back home for a quiet dinner and a long phone call with Miss Missy, my neighbor who is suffering through round three (or is it four) of chemo. Not good, but we are having dinner on Monday night so at least she is eating.


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