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Nov '11

Turkey Day Three.

Goal for today: toilet paper

Odd things that showed up in the mail today.

Item 1: A check for $59.56, which is $41.44 less than the transfer fee for

Item 2: The deed to a floating week timeshare in Cabo San Lucas.

The check… a class-action settlement from half a dozen years ago having to do with foreign transaction fees on foreign charges. Well, after a little research (maybe there is a reason for this blog) the answer is four years. Check out this old blog entry:


As for the timeshare, a present from two dear friends of mine. Seems the timeshare is right on the beach in downtown Cabo San Lucas and a little noisy for them.

Starting to play with the Kindle Fire that came a week or so ago… starting to figure out ways to use it:

Wow, the new Amazon Fire masquerading as an “old-school” alarm clock… and the screen is so shiny you can see me photographing. I also install solitaire and downloaded some freebie books. Got music on it yesterday, but still having a problem with getting some of my videos to play. And I can’t seem to load this .mobi file that one of the Colonels sent me.

So far, if it works out, the best will be the exchange client for the Amazon Fire — means that I’ll have my contacts, calendar, and synchronized email on my Fire. THAT would/will be sweet.

Dinner tonight was with Jeff and Marvin… a stunning cassoulet (a French bean, rabbit, duck, and sausage stew) with a salad and a home-made almond crust chocolate cheesecake. Damn, more carbs, and I even didn’t have the bread!


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