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Dec '11

A Working Dinner.

No, Work, Then Dinner.

Shop hours today are 11-5. As so-so day at the till, but I did get some chores done:

  • Installed the new shelf unit
  • Swapped out printers
  • Finish initial wine cards for all the wine

Didn’t get finished:

  • Figuring out the cash register and why it’s charging tax on the undiscounted amount if we give customers either the 5% discount on 6 bottles, or the 10% discount on 12.

Swanda texted with the news of a couple of packages at the apartment, and the availability of Scotch. That soon enough turned into a dinner of steaks and roasted brussell sprouts.

And today’s Holiday Photo:

In front of Swanda’s ornament-less tree.


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No, Work, Then Dinner.

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