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Dec '11

No Time For Pictures.

A whirl wind day…

Breakfast at Tia Sofias with the Colonels, then back to the condo for a bit before deciding to go to Trader Joes and restock the liquor cabinet at home since the Colonels gave me a liquid Christmas gift, so checking a bag is now mandatory.

Next up was an abbreviated catch-up session with my high school friend Robbie. Sort of hard to catch up on 35 years in 35 minutes.

Then off the parents house in Eldorado for a little computer work. Finished getting the files on her system, installed a wi-fi stick (though there isn’t a signal, I just happened to have a spare) and got her system security updated. Oi.

Then back to the city with the parents following shortly behindĀ — time to check them into their condo (at the other end of the complex).

The Colonels joined us about 5 for a quick cocktail before heading to Café Pasqual. Makes me wish that my friend Lynn from Lopez was here as she loves the place.

I was hoping for a little more time with Robbie, but alas, he had duties with his wife and child.

Crazy day. Just nice at the end of it to sit quietly with a cocktail.

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