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Dec '11

Travel Panic.

Thank goodness for text updates about flight times.

There I was lolling around the condo about to hop into the shower when the text message alert came in. It’s a good thing that I looked at it before the shower. I thought my flight was at 3pm for some reason, when in reality it was at 1:20, exactly 3 hours from when the text came in… and I’m unshowered, unpacked, and now in a panic. Santa Fe is about an hour plus north of the airport. And I have a rental car to gas up and return. And I like to be at the airport two hours early. And I haven’t had breakfast yet.

In the end I got there with enough time to check in my bag, get through security and have some food, but that is not how I like to start my day.

Both flights were on time, and even my bag was delivered in a reasonable amount of time… and I’m so glad that I’d parked out at the airport, I was ready to be home.

As nice as the WorldMark condo are, I still prefer my own bed.


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