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Dec '11

No Rest For The Wicked.

Up, packed, checked out and on the road a little after noon.

Drove aimlessly through the west end looking for “charity shops”, guess I should have looked in the yellow pages before leaving the condo.

I did manage to find a string of three in Mount Vernon (Washington, not Virginia). Was tempted by the scroll saw in one, but left with only a $5.99 paper cutter from Value Village. No wine glasses, no caller id unit, which is what I was really looking for.

The border people must be swapping places. Normally Canada waves me through and the US is the one with all the questions. This trip, totally switched. Odd.

Got home a little after four with just enough time to grab my tool bag and head to the apartment. Todays chores:

  • Deliver Christmas Stocking to the apartment staff containing, cash, candy, tuna and wine
  • Inspect the chairs for fixing tomorrows
  • Mount the lights under the side board
  • Assemble shower seat
  • Run garbage and recycle
  • Drink whiskey
  • Eat leftover sushi
  • Try not to freak out that Swanda is on oxygen

Speaking of recycling, found a home for the scuba belt and weights from last week’s recycle diving — my neighbor Shawn is taking the weights for his sewing business, and I’ve repurposed the belt (will need a little more work) into a Super Hero Accessory — Flask Man!

How’s that for repurposing something.

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2 Responses to “No Rest For The Wicked.”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hey Uncle M,

    Did you see this article in the WSJ? I hope the link works.


  2. markso Says:

    Thanks for the link.