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Dec '11

The Martinis Have Landed.

Well, they showed up weeks ago, but I just got the point of going through them and picking the ones I want.

Sort of look surreal in this lighting. Each of the tags on the inside has its photo number and whether the piece is a 1st, Minor 2nd, or 2nd. Between Swanda and I we snagged all the seconds, so what remains are the 1st. Here is a picture from his photoshoot of the tall ones ($100 per stem):

And of the short ones ($60 per stem):

Spent several hours today on a Swanda project of getting some pieces framed — turns out the guy who I used to take my work to on Capital Hill is now outside University Village, and he actually remembered me. After that adventure, Swanda and I went through the glasses, picking the ones we each wanted, and I packed up the orphans which will be sold on SurfBetty’s website that I’m starting to work on this week.

Fixed us a mean and headed home.


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