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Dec '11

Long Slow Tuesday.

Out of the condo at 8:30am so I can get back to the house, shit/shower/shave, and get into the shop at noon. Though I’m not sure why I was rushing since the first customer wasn’t until 3:30 in the afternoon. At least they bought a mixed half case. While if wasn’t the worst day we’ve had, it was a definite runner-up and more reason that this will be the last Tuesday open until around Thanksgiving next year unless we decide to do the 3:30-7pm open times on Mondays/Tuesdays.

Luckily I brought both the morning’s Wall Street Journal and the Kindle with me to the office. Too bad the chair is so uncomfortable — guess it’s time to make a pad for it.

Had to stock at grocery outlet for salad stuff for dinner, snagged a couple of pork roasts, but totally forgot the eggs. Good thing Swanda invited me to come make brunch for him in the morning.

Quiet night around the house with a pork chop and salad, such a change from last night.


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