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Jan '12

New Year’s Day!

It was a relaxed day until I got to the hotel and realized the Kindle (or Ken Doll)was not charged, and I was hopefully having a mid-afternoon date. Back to the house, but, of course, the bridge was up. Got back a little after three, with the charger for Ken and just for good measure, the phone and camera. All this for a no-show — rescheduled for after dinner tonight.

Off a little after five for Swandas place — having soaked the beans in the bar sink in the room — in the bag for the ice bucket.

The menu:

  • PuPu Platter and cocktails to start
  • Bread sticks
  • Cole slaw
  • Great Northern beans simmered in smoked ham hocks
  • Honey orange glazed pork roast wrapped in bacon

Looks pretty good, and it was.

Thanks to Mick I was back at the hotel to try at that date again, who when finally made contact it was after midnight and I just didn’t have it in me. Stayed up until 2am watching Gold Rush on the Discovery channel instead. Interesting way to start the year.


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