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Jan '12

Quiet Wednesday.

No work for me today. Wanting to take it easy. I’ve been trying to shake this low-grade crud.

I really don’t want to end up taking this crude with me to Boston next week.

Once again, SurfBetty has cancelled for dinner tonight. Second week in a row, or is it third. He has been having a high-grade crud.

And not leaving the house today means no salad for dinner tonight. Just a big steak and an overfull glass of wine.

Now that one “full” pour.

Glass courtesy of the Boston Wine Expo a couple of years ago, sponsored by Jet Blue.

Booked Europe for the summer, but will I be able to go? 90,000 frequent flier miles and $80 in taxes and fees. Direct Seattle-Amsterdam flight for a EuroFaerie Gathering in Berlin. No problems turning it back in, though I’d eat $25, but that not a deal breaker.


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