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Jan '12

Shut In And Bored.

Slept in until noon, with a brief computer log-in at 9 to cancel my space on a Port of Tacoma Tour. They do them monthly, so hopefully I can do this another month (when I’m not battling a cold). Of course, a close reading says they are on “temporary hiatus” after today’s tour. I signed up for alerts for when they start again. I’m guessing budget issues. Damn cold.

Boredom forced me to lay around and read The New Yorker on my KenDoll, I’m up to the December 5th issue. Always behind. Maybe on the Boston trip Monday I’ll finish that one and the next.

Speaking of Boston trip, no upgrade, and not likely, at least on the way east. Boston is looking like low 40’s for my visit. Much better than snow. It did make me look at the list of where UncleMarkie is going in the next few months:

Purchased Reservations Departs
Boston (BOS) Mon, Jan 9, 2012
Oakland (OAK) Wed, Jan 25, 2012
Kansas City (MCI) Tue, Mar 13, 2012
Oakland (OAK) Sun, Mar 25, 2012
Honolulu (HNL) Mon, Apr 16, 2012
Amsterdam (AMS) Wed, Aug 1, 2012

Oakland is actually KOA (Kona, Hawaii), it’s just that OAK is an overnight on the way to the Big Island.

And while monkeying around with airline sites, clicked on a link for United who is featuring 20% off Frequent Flier tickets to Europe and Central America if you fly before the end of March. In checking my miles I noticed something odd.

Miles earned

  • 43,175
    Award miles
    Miles expire Jul. 31, 2013
  • 892,088
    Lifetime flight miles
    since joining on Dec. 21, 1989

What is ODD about this is that’s like 90,000 more lifetime flight miles than my account had in late December when I checked on my Premier status. I think it has something to do with the United/Continental merger and how Continental folks got flight mileage credit for some charge card purchases (like maybe plane tickets?). Don’t know, but that actually makes me want to fly United again (even with their crappy Premier level changes) as I’m within striking distance of being a million-miler (like my father). I just need to fly another 107,912 — hell there were a couple of years at Microsoft that I did that in one year. Why is million-miler status important? Permanent Premier Gold status and free Premier status for a friend (paging CaddyDaddy).

But can I find a flight at 20% off miles, or should I just start looking for cheap paid flights. Dilemma. 45,000 miles for a coach seat to Europe. Dates are available, but even though I’ve lost weight, not sure I want that many “butts in seats” miles.

Steak, salad, wine. My new diet. If you look at the number below, it must be working. Or the cold is taking away my appetite.


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