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Jan '12

In The Air Again.

No, Not The Clooney Movie.

Another long day for Pucci. Luckily he moved one student around and came home to take me to the “T” saving me from a five block walk in the rain. In the Boston vernacular, it was pissing (as opposed to spitting, the other one, which is pissing, but coming at you at 30mph).

Made it from Pucci’s to the Delta Crown Room with cocktail in hand in 1:15. I was pretty amazed as that was:

  • Pucci Shuttle to Harvard Square
  • Red Line to Government
  • Green Line to Park
  • Blue Line to Airport Shuttle
  • Shuttle to Airport
  • Security

I celebrated my good fortune by purchasing a cup of Clam Chowder for waiting around the gate, and a Lobster Roll for the flight. No upgrade, yet again I was number 11 on the list.

On the down side, I got a call from Fluffernutter that Swanda had been hospitalized. That is never good.

Decent flight, puts me 25% of the way to MVP for 2013.

Sea-Tac to the apartment took a little longer this trip. Two fools decided to crash into each other… ON the light rail tracks. Finally got home around 11. I probably shouldn’t have stayed up till 3:30am.

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2 Responses to “In The Air Again.

No, Not The Clooney Movie.”

  1. The Colonel Says:

    What’s up with Swanda being in hospital, Markie? Please advise.

  2. markso Says:

    Oh crap. I forgot to call you. Will do ASAP.