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Jan '12

The Libboo Project Continues.

Unfortunately, with my continuing sniffles, I can’t visit Swanda in the hospital. There is some relief in that I don’t really like hospitals having stayed twice when I was young (three if you count delivery). When the AIDS epidemic started to hit Kansas City, I spent way too much time in hospitals in “protective clothing” since little was known about the disease at the time. Dancing Bear spent the afternoon, and I’ve been handling updates to friends and family.

Spent part of the afternoon wrestling with images from Volume Five, Number Three for the cover, back cover, and graphics for the last printed issue of Sign of the Times, A Chronicle of Decadence in the Atomic Age. Oddly enough this issue brings up all sorts of questions about rights management. I’m still in contact with two of the writers and one of the photographers. The Photographer (Mark I. Chester of San Francisco), is very concerned with copyright issues (as well as he should be). Since rescanning the original pieces of photography and drawings is out of the question (many simply just don’t exist anymore), they are scans of the printed pieces. I’m happy to share whatever revenue the project generates with the writers & artists, but electronic media is especially sensitive to easy copying. We will see how this plays out, at the moment, the decision to add the graphics that were originally in the magazine is up in the air. Updated links could easily link to the artists website, but will the quality of the scanned pieces be good enough for artists, or do I take the route of the anthology edition, and not deal with having any artwork other than the front (and hopefully back) covers. It may be a moot point if I can’t figure out how to get graphics into the guts of a Libboo eBook.

Tonight is “date night” with a guy I saw a couple of years ago. It actually went better than I was expecting. Good conversation. Who knows where it will lead, I’m not sure that I’m up for a 35 year-old buff boyfriend.

Lamb chops, salad, and fresh bread, though that might be the last fresh bread in a while since I broke yet another bread machine.

[210.4 and I don’t think it was just the lobster roll]

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