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Jan '12

Leaving VIC Sooner Than Planned.

Ah, the trip of changes. So, yesterday afternoon got an email from the Victoria Clipper (well, their reservations folks). Seems that the 5pm return trip to Seattle is now 11:15am to miss high winds (and a possible cancelling of a sailing) in the later afternoon.

And a little cut and paste from an email to Chip as it says it all:

And as for the Clipper, we were greeted onboard for our early departure with:

  • 50% off certificate for our next trip
  • 20% off duty free booze — 40oz. bottle of Bacardi light rum $15.00 down to $12.00
  • 20% off duty free cigarettes (actually bought some to keep in the freezer for my smoking friends) $24.80
  • 10% off perfumes/colognes (passed)
  • $2.50 cocktails and beer (down from $5.50)

Hadn’t planned on drinking scotch at 11:30 in the morning… for big glasses of free-poured Glen Fiddich for $2.50, how can you refuse.

And in other news Swanda continues to improve and is talking on the phone now.

Today’s humorous photo. Air Can Sex:

Did a little shopping at Uwajimaya on the way through to pick up my car. Kalbi marinated half chicken for dinner, and stock on the stove after.

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