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Jan '12

Another Full Work Day Plus.

Actually a full work day on Sunday would be 11-5 (+ 15 minutes on both sides to open and close). Today, add an hour for the port tasting.

The ports we tasted:

  • Kopke, 10 Year Old Tawny   $15/375ml   $25/750ml
  • 1988 Kopke, Colheita Tawny   $28/375ml   $51/750ml
  • Kopke, Special Reserve   $11/375ml   $18/750ml
  • 2005 Rocha, Late Bottle Vintage   $14/375ml   $21/750ml
  • 2007 Rocha, Vintage   $30/375ml   $50/750ml

Having never tasted Tawnys and Rubys together it was an education session for me as well (and I didn’t have to pay the $5 tasting fee). My favorite was the 1988 Kopke Colheita Tawny. Not the most expensive, the second most expensive. The main taste difference between Tawny Port (the first two) and Ruby Port (the last three) is the level of sweetness with the tawnys being the less sweet. It reminds me that there is a bottle in the laundry room that needs drinking at some point.

After work it was off to the Camlin for my last Sunday stay for a while. I was over ambitious in my booking a month ago and booked Sunday nights figuring that with dinner at Swandas that I shouldn’t be driving home afterwards, and then Swanda went into the hospital, scuttling those Sunday Night dinner plans. To avoid paying for parking ($27 valet, $20 self-park), I unload the car, check in, put the luggage in the room and then drive the car to the apartment and take the bus back.

I’d packed in dinner so after a welcome drink I had my chicken and green bean Chinese dish with an extra thigh from the other night, ignoring the rice that it was on top of (trying to be good about avoiding carbs).

Erik showed up at 8:30 to shoot the shit and drink bourbon. Left a little before midnight to catch the bus before it stopped running.

I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow morning.


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