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Jan '12

Hospital And Dinner.

To the apartment to pick up mail, to the bank (I found a new branch on this side of the water) to deposit a check, and then the moment I’ve been putting off for weeks, visiting Swanda in the hospital. Here is the report I sent out after my visit to the ever growing email list:

I went to see Chris this afternoon, and here’s the update. The last day and a half hasn’t been the easiest on him. The catheter is back in as more of a convenience than anything else. Since he needs help to get upright and out of bed, if there is a code going down on the ward, there just isn’t the staffing. He was upright in the Hummer (Janet’s phrase for the seriously high-tech seriously large wheelchair).

I happened to arrive while a nurse intern was questioning him about the course of his illness, soon followed by the Physical Therapy folks to get him vertical and sitting on the edge of the bed. They are trying to keep him more vertical so fluid doesn’t build up in the lungs, impairing his breathing. At night they have him on a c-pap machine (from the looks of it they tried a new on last night). He doesn’t like it, but is keeping it on at night because he knows it’s helping him — he thinks that it’s keeping him awake. He is still in ICU, not so much for his condition, but because of the hoist system built into the ceiling that helps move him around.

This minor setback will most likely keep him in the hospital until after the weekend. He’s not eating much so the nurses are on him about that as well. His apartment is ready for his return (once I go and make the bed) with the only remaining piece to be a bit of trim around the bathroom door. The raised toilet and vanity are in, as are the grab bars in the bathroom and inside the shower, but his return will be after a couple of weeks in a rehab facility.

I could see that he was really glad to see me because he knows how much I dislike hospitals, and I’m guessing he knew my excuse of bringing him is mail, was just that, an excuse. I’ll go back in another couple of days with more mail.

Sorry for those of you who read the blog and are on the email list as well.

DancingBear arrived about six after visiting Swanda in the hospital and help feed him dinner (something I neglected to report on above). Rolled up flank steaks with spinach and mozzarella, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and onions, and a lovely slaw was dinner.

That’s all for today.


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