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Jan '12

A Good Libboo Day.

It was a good day for getting books into the Libboo system. I completed:

  • The Anthology of Sign of the Times
  • One issue of Sign of the Times — A Chronicle of Decadence in the Atomic Age (Volume 5, Number 3)
  • Piglettè Issue 17 (Kansas City)

The Piglettè issue will be Libbo’s first ever graphic novel. Hopefully in the next couple of days, these will post to the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites. I have all the files from Piglettè Number One (Argentina) converted and ready to assemble.

Today’s Swanda health update:

After a couple of rough days, Chris is back in the saddle again. That saddle being about to have normal paced conversations (45 minutes with his boss, 15 with me) rather than the winded couple of words at a time conversation of the last week or so. He is regaining some strength through his Physical Therapists which means he’s been able to start standing (though it doesn’t sound like for long periods of time) and moving to his wheelchair to sit for a couple of hours. They have also been working on getting his legs and feet cleaned up (lots of cracking and calluses) so they are looking better than in the previous months.

Truly, I was amazed in the change in just the last day, I saw him Thursday afternoon as he was sort of in and out of nap zone, but today on the phone he sounded like the Chris from early December. He is still on the oxygen mask at night, but during the day he’s back to just the oxygen tube.

His sister Janet showed up this morning and will be with him through the weekend.

Dinner tonight with SurfBetty whose computer has been in my “rehab facility” to free up more space on his QuickBooks machine. Yep, a laptop devoted to one program. Cheaper than upgrading QuickBooks 2003 to QuickBooks 2010 (which runs on Windows 7).

Marinated flank steak, slaw, saffron rice for SurfBetty. Nice meal.


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