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Jan '12

Accessory For The Ken Doll.

So far I’m liking the Ken Doll (Kindle Fire) though it pretty much gets used for the following chores:

  • Reading The New Yorker
  • Checking email
  • Portable music box when I’m on the road

The one thing that has annoyed me about Ken is while the folding cover makes it possible to have a landscape stand, it doesn’t have a portrait stand, and The New Yorker only displays in portrait. Solution?

It says plate holder, but it’s rubberized and only $5 with free shipping from Amazon.

And speaking of Amazon, I discovered this old issue of Sign of the Time available for $15 plus $3.99 shipping. Gee, I’d sell you one for the cover price ($3.50) plus shipping.

Other than a run to the apartment to do a load of laundry in the big machine, picking up a package and running it to the shop, it was generally a quiet day in the city.


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