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Feb '12

Another Border Run.

A little bit of Delhi Belly this morning. Shellfish? My lamb? No reports from Epick about distress. Maybe it was the late night sausage.

Once again my quest to find “thrifting” spots in Vancouver is not accomplished, though I now do have one place to check out on Granville and Davie (courtesy of Epick). Maybe next time, and only a couple of blocks from the condo.

Out of the unit at eleven, at the border a little after noon for a $15 liter of Plymouth Gin, no line at the border, next stop Mount Vernon for groceries, thrifting for wine glasses for the shop, gas.

My favorite is that where I purchased the three champagne glasses and the two wine glasses, no paper to wrap them in, so they gave me a Fred Meyer six bottle holder. Maybe we should put a “thophy case” in the shop of other shop’s bags.

Returned home to restart the printer, it seems MoonSong was feeding it paper and clearing jams while he cleaned on Wednesday. That was a nice welcome home.

And then there was the “artist reception, wine tasting” a couple of stores down from the shop that was from 5-7, then 6-8, then 6-9. I signed up when it was 6-8pm. As it turned out, it was more of a drunken art party where we supplied the wine but we got great goodwill from the neighborhood. In the end I was out of there at 7:30 as NO customers were coming to purchase wine.

Home to restart the printer (again), have a drink, and work on dinner.

Cole Slaw (I’m in a winter cabbage frame of mind) and cornmeal-breaded pan-fried tilapia.

Apparently I haven’t lost my love of fish.

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