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Feb '12

More Hours At The Shop Today.

Jim was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday so he ask me to work the morning shift through the wine tasting, so that would be 11-4:30. I sort of like that, it’s quiet in the early part — maybe I should see if we can make this a regular thing.

Of course, with Jill showing up at 4 I was in the shop until almost 5, but that’s fine.

Got text messages at the shop that grab bars and Rollator arrived at the parent’s house (ordered Thursday night, not bad for $12 in shipping to get Saturday delivery). And my Aunt shows up tomorrow. Hopefully things will smooth out for a bit.

Stopped by The Barbeque Pit on the way home for ½ a pound of ribs ($6.50) and as usual, I get a styro box that feels like way more than ½ pound. I actually managed to wait to break into the box until I got home. I put it on the digital postal scale. Answer = 1# 14 oz. Wow. That’s a deal.

I announced a fold, stitch, and bitch Faerie Directory party on FaceBook, guess I should have made it an “event” as only Wonderful showed up. It only took us two hours to fold and stitch the winter directory — well, that an a half a bottle of gin.

Full day at the shop tomorrow.


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